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why I can't stop writing about sex

Diagram from Magia Sexualis, 1931. (source)

1.      Because we let Christians write about sex all the time and their version is boring as fuck

1a. Because we let Christians write about sex in a way that upholds the patriarchy and capitalism and colonial paradigms and I (think) I write about sex in a way that fucks all of that up so I should keep doing that

2.      Because sex is like playing and if you’re playing you’re probably not working, which is probably bad for capitalism.

3.      Because Audre Lorde, inventor of the “post-nut clarity” theory, tells us that erotic wisdom is valuable and that tuning in to what feels good subsequently helps you notice what feels like shit – working at your 9-5 for 40 hours a week, commuting in rush hour traffic, being too far from your friends and family, white supremacy, etc – and this wisdom is dangerous and I’m generally in the business of making you more dangerous.

4.      Because writing about sex feels like gossiping and gossip is power and I love power

5.      Because love is free

6.      Because sex can be free

7.      Because sex and love and not having it or sometimes having it in the wrong amount or from the wrong person or having it and then not having it anymore or still having sex and having love but the person you want to fuck and hug isn’t around anymore can all trigger very devastating feelings and ego death is fun

8.      Because I agree with the sentiment of this tweet I saw this morning: May we remember that community love, romantic love, platonic love, familial love can also act as revolution to tackle the dehumanizing essence of this treacherous economy. It is love that will keep us alive. -@Rixpoet which shares a sentiment, generally, with the book The Faggots & Their Friends Between Revolutions: Faggot Wisdom: Romantic love, the last illusion, keeps us alive until the revolution comes.

9.      Because I’m gay (in a way that is about sex)

10.   Because I’m trans (in a way that is about sex)

11.   Because I can’t believe that we’re all on this planet together, alive, that your brain is filled with a consciousness that I can never fully comprehend and that makes me want to try to understand you even more

12.   Because sex is like eating a chocolate cake or wait it’s like eating a really greasy burger and some oily fries covered in salt or it’s like drinking sour tamarind soup or it’s like picking apart a fried whole fish with your fingers and sliding the bones out of your mouth with your tongue or wait I mean it’s like splitting an oreo in half and licking the crème out or maybe it’s like eating an orange everyday in that it is good for you and peeling an orange from its flesh creates a satisfying tug that fills my body with joy or oh it's like when you're cooking breakfast for someone and you're like how many eggs do you want? and they say two and you fry them two sunny side eggs perfectly because they wanted it or wait actually it’s like pouring a cup of instant coffee and drinking and pouring another and drinking it and pouring another and drinking it until your body is shaking with caffeine and adrenaline and being alive

13.   Because I think about sex all the time and I think you think about sex all the time and I can’t believe we’re not all talking about sex all the time

14.   Because I want to use this body while I have it because what if when we pass away we can’t have sex anymore and we’ll be like “fuck we should have just been having sex the whole time but now we’re dead”

15.   Because writing about sex is squishy and scary and being vulnerable makes me feel alive

16.   Why not?