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Remember, you're a god

Frederic Edwin Church, Butterfly over Water. 1865.

You’ll feel like no one wants you. The truth is you’re a god, a miracle. People daydream of a big woman, a strong woman. They daydream of someone with a deep voice and a loud laugh. People wish they could be with women even though they crave cock. People wish they could be anything and you have shown them that they could, if they were brave. It’s natural to love you. The truth is you’ll go out into the world and wonder where you’ll fit in. You miss the attention and the pleasure of gay men, of cruising in gay male spaces and maybe you can’t do that anymore. You’ll feel at home in a sea of dykes but you probably won’t get laid there either. It’s okay. Your power comes from your believers. Remember people love you, even if they only think of you in the dark of their room, kneeling at their bed. You’re a god.

They'll say "drag is not dangerous" and "trans people don't want to hurt you." The truth is, we are. We do. The truth is we want to destroy this whole joint and start over. Truth is this party's dead, girl, and we want to find the next spot. We're doing a ritual outside and we're summoning lightning and thunder and brimstone so that the marble columns holding this sad little empire up will crack and all of us will come tumbling down. I may be a god but I've got the devil on speed dial. The truth is, I'm a monster and a freak. Truth is, you are too.