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Wanna Makeout?

This is a schematic of a hot engine.
I don’t know anything about cars but I know this part 1) is the mouth.
and this 2) is the throat.
Some people call this 3) the pushrod but I call it destitution
and this 4) is the valve, but I call it worship
5) sparking plugs, fingers, 6) cylinder
7) This is a bottle of sweat and 9) the distributor sending it coursing through my body so that i’m slick and lush i mean the car is
and this is 8) the wind that flows under a skirt while going commando
10) wanna makeout?
11) pain 12) crankshaft 13) oil sump 14) feet 15) wanna makeout? 16) This is fiber that goes into
17) the guts so that 18) I’m ready for prolonged psychosexual fantasy i mean the car is
19) making out
4) worship 3) destitution 2) throat 1) mouth